About us

My personal idea with Green Safari Africa is to run a sustainable hunting operation that manages and improves the wildlife population of this fantastic area. Much like nature itself, we decimate the abundance of animals for the benefit of each species, and hunt for older animals, past their prime and with contributions to coming generations made. Occasionally also direct efforts to protect crops for local villages.

Returns from the operation means we can work hard (and it is hard work), to go after poachers, unfortunatley a huge problem and threat to various species. My approach to this adventure is somewhat an philanthropist one. I want to collaborate with the local society; offer meat of course for basic needs, but also build schools and establish water wells. Personally I believe it is extra important to also involve women, since experience has shown us that meat and produce stay in the families when taken care of by women, rather than sold on. Another aspect is that we provide an occupation and a fixed income for an, hopefully, increasing part of the villagers.

Confidentiality is a given thing, for various reasons. And the ambition to provide a time capsule – to be able to hunt like in the good old days. We will not offer pool nor air conditioning, or oysters and champagne. This is not that kind of hunt. But food, and after hunt drinks will be fantastic though, in your safari chair, in the camp by the fire, before tucking in, in a decent tent, exhausted after a day on foot, chasing that Big Game…